TERRY RILEY in studio (Chateau d'Hérouville, France) recording  "Les Yeux Fermés". Produced by Igor Wakhevitch for Warner Brothers Rec. 

 (photo private archive Igor Wakhevitch)  All rights reserved.

KAUSHIKI CHAKRABARTY (after a memorable concert at the "Cité de la Musique" in Paris - Teental Recitals)  Kaushiki visiting the Eiffel Tower with Igor ! 

Ustad ZAKIR HUSSAIN the legendary tabla maestro of India and also member of "SHAKTI", the band of John Mc Laughlin. The first encounter between Zakir and Igor was organized by Pandit Vijay Kichlu in Kolkata (India)

MANI with necklaces

MANI with necklaces

(Photo below) NIGMAR (golden hat), dancer from the “Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts” in Dharmsala (Himachal Pradesh) India. Nigmar is the official performer of the Sacred Deer ritual dance (tantric). The TIbetan Institute of Performing Arts is the official Theatre troupe of His Holiness the XIVth Dalai-Lama


The Sacred Deer's wonderful cosmic dress.  A dance to chase the Evil


Below : ... a great event in Paris: for the first time, the "Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts" performing in a big European capital, thanks to Igor's passionate involvement to make it happen ....



 Spirit of Good Luck : TASHI SHOELPA


Below : 

ERISSA (Taddy) : half Indian, half Swedish ! Born in Africa. Igor's great friend, Taddy is a real poet ! always handsome and surprising, making everyday magic and an unexpected ! a kind of comtemporary "Moowgli" ... playing electric guitar and having mongooses smoking marijuana in his bed-room. Taddy was living in the same place than Igor in India and friendship started immediatly between them.

Taddy was found of music and nature, craking jockes with a very special typical indian-french accent, even when speaking in english ! (often  introducing some typical french words in his phrases ! ) Taddy  appreciates very much the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, rock music in general. He is also a big fan of Igor's music ! "Très méchant" (means very naughty) is one of his favorite french set expression !

 Below : Igor's friend Taddy

ERISSA (Taddy) : Taddy's poetry and way of life inspired to Igor the piece of music "Taddy's fruit garden" (dedicated to Taddy) … on the first side of the album "Let's Start" (EMI).  Taddy's fruit garden was existing for real below his house named “Certitude” ! … full of tomatoes, papayas trees, salads, carrots, jackfruits, goyavas, banana trees, grass, garlick, potatoes, topatoes, asparagus, etc.

 Joyful gathering of Igor's relatives on the beach in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, South India. Gulf of Bengal. Seen on the photo, small Parun and his helder sister Savitha (Nagappan's children) 


Beautiful faces .... of India. Purusha-Shakti.

Indian Ocean, Gulf of Bengal, shores of Igor's life.


Photo (below) : CHAMPAKLAL : He was Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's intendant. After the departure of the Mother, Champaklal never spoke again, remaining voluntarily mute for more than fifteen years ... tiil the end of his life ....


Below: OLIVIER MESSIAEN’S TREATY OF HIS MUSICAL LANGUAGE’S TECHNIC (first page with musical examples).

Page annoted by Igor’s hand in Olivier Messiaen class at the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music. One can notice the similitude between the hindu rythmic structures (talas) - here “ragavardhana” - and the rythm of Stravinsky’s sacral dance in the “Rite of Spring”.



 OLIVIER MESSIAEN was Igor's teacher at the "Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance"

Below: Olivier Messiaen's treaty of his musical language 


Score of IGOR STRAWINSKY's "THE RITE OF SPRING" annoted by Igor in Messiaen's Analysis Class ("Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance")


Below : Igor's score, cover page of Igor Strawinsky's legendary masterpiece:  "The Rite of Spring"


Nomenclature de l'orchestre : "The Rite of Spring" orchestration  (list of the orchestra instruments playing in "The Rite of Spring")


IGOR AU DOMICILE D' OLIVIER MESSIAEN JOUE "LE MERLE NOIR" sur le piano du Maître ("Catalogue d'Oiseaux" pour piano)

Igor playing on Messiaen's personnal grandpiano in Olivier Messiaen's appartement in Paris, 220 rue Marcadet. Behind, Rose-Marie Cabestany and Betty Yang from Taiwan.

Photo (below) CRAIG SHEM : form Eurasian origin, Craig's smile and joyfull charachter, always laughing, was a permanent ray of sun enligthning the daily life.  Basket-ball champion (despite being short), Craig was trying desperately to train Igor and explain him b-b rules ! 

CRAIG having tea in Maya tea-shop

"ARCH THE BALL !" (b-b playground, just behind first Igor's house in India)


IGOR MARKEVITCH (the great Symphonic Orchestra Conductor) asked his young friend and student Igor "Wakhevitch" (aged of 15) to learn and play his piano pieces, a collection of compositions for piano named "STEFAN THE POET"Igor Markevitch married the daughter of Vaslav Nijinsky


Pandit HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA touring with Igor Wakhevitch for "Teentaal Recitals" igor's company dedicated to Indian Classical Music, concerts and workshops (Concert in Paris at the "Musée du Quai Branly")


Below : after the immense success of the "Chaurasia Cycle" at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris (Hommage to Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, bansuri bamboo flute maestro, living treasure of India) : congratulation letter to Igor Wakhevitch from Mr. Stéphane Martin, President of the Paris Museum "Musée du Quai Branly"


Below : Jacques RUEFF inscription to Igor Wakhevitch. Jacques Rueff was elected to the "Académie Française" in 1964. Great economist, he was an important economic advisor to President Charles de Gaulle and many  other French Presidents.

Igor in the Himalayas


Photo (below) : ADHI               Adhi is Adhi  ! ....  (Adhi means "the first" in Sanskrit) .... a diamond on Igor's crown of life .....

ADHI :  Igor's heart, travelling companion. Adhi is a carpenter.

 Relax  at the National Opera of Paris (Palais Garnier) during a rehearsal break.

View on the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Bengal, from Igor's terrace in Puducherry (South India)


"The Sacred Drums of India" : the idea and the name of this band was initiated by Igor Wakhevitch with the great help of the famous tabla maestro Pandit Subhankar Banerjee. Here, all the musicians sitting in front of the Sri Aurobindo Theatre in Pondicherry, their first concert in India and in the world at the initiative of "Igor-ji" !  From right to left : Subhankar Banerjee (tabla), Gopal Barman (shreekhol), Rakesh Chaurasia (bansuri bamboo flute), Shiv Kumar Patri (mrigandam), Suresh Vaidyanathan (gatam). All among the greatest percussionist of India. Great maestros !

 Photo (below) :  Igor Wakhevitch with his great friend Mehdi El Glaoui - tv superstar - after a "Rolling Stones" memorable concert in Brussels


MEHDI EL GLAOUI  (Igor's album "Hathor" is dedicated to Mehdi)

MEHDI EL GLAOUI ("Mehdi", french actor, t.v. superstar ; dear to the heart of French people, Mehdi was a child actor, playing the main role of a little boy (Sebastian) with his snow dog (Belle) in the famous t.v. serial "Belle and Sebastian") He is the son of the famous french actress ans writer Cecile Aubry and the grand-son of the Pasha of Marrakech


Igor’s first bicke, Enfield mini Bullet (in front of "Park Guest-House" - beach road - Sri Aurobindo Ashram)

 I G O R W A K H E V I T C H

Below: " to Igor" ... few lines written by a young couple from Israel touring in India :

Olivier Messiaen's analysis of Igor Strawinsky's score of "The Rite of Spring: Igor's annotation  during his class at the "National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris"

Igor's annotations "live" during an Olivier Messiaen's class analyzing Igor Strawinsky's score of *The Rite of Sping" at the "National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris"


Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha (the Gundecha Brothers), visiting a Ferrari shop in Venice. Nowadays they are the most inspired and greatest maestros singers of "dhrupad" in India and all over the world. Great friends of Igor, they came with him and "Teentaal Recitals & Maestros" for a memorable concert in Paris at the "Cité de la Musique" and in Venice at the Cini Foundation.

Tintin (incognito behind his dark sunglasses) and the General Alcazar (alias Igor and Alexandre Wakhevitch) in Switzerland (summer holidays)


On our way to Ooty with Nagappan ...

.... encounter with Hanuman


Back side (courtyard) of Igor's first house in India (an "alien" is clrearly seen on the right side of the picture)

Photo below: RAJESH …. always in our hearts for ever, he was so dear to me.

Three days before …..

Photo (below) : the market in the region of Villianur (Tamil-Nadu) India


(Below) Words of thanks from Mr. François Mitterrand, President of the French Republic to Igor Wakhevitch for the gift of his music presented in luxury edition numbered from 1 to 1000 : three LPs accompanied by a luxury libretto including many photos. Salvador Dali's opera "Être Dieu"

VENICE (President Mitterrand's favorite place)

Unforgettable concerts of Indian Classical music was organized by "Igor-ji" in the Doges city. (Teental Recitals & Maestros) 


PARUN having chocolate milkshak at the restaurant "La Terrasse" in Puducherry, South India

Mmmmm .....


The world of Tintin, though not an official religion occupy an importance place in Igor's spirituality. Below :  1) an ambush in the Sahara desert : "The Crab with the Golden Claws" by Hergé  2) the huge rocket for the moon : "Objective Moon" by Hergé 

A tricky situation for Tintin and Miloo in Chicago, Illinois. 

Tintin in Tibet following the yeti's footsteps (Yeti = l'abominable homme des neiges)

 PARUN (Igor's favorite little devil)

Parun with his plastic laser-gun : a very dangerous little boy

From left  to right  : Parun (red t-shir), Prince Lishvanan, Savitha, Vanilla, Davesh. (Igor's family : Nagappan and Shivalingam's children)

Adhi travelling to Madya-Pradesh with Igor to pay a visit to the Gundecha Brothers in Bhopal, the famous "dhrupad" singers

Sri Aurobindo Ashram :  the street of the Darshan's balcony (rue François Martin), Pondicherry.  South India.

The ashram balcony where the Mother was giving Her "Darshan"  four times per year in Puducherry (Pondichery) South India

In the backgounf the "Service" tree under which is located the Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's samadhi (grave). One can guess, hidden by the branchs of tree, one of the windows of Sri Aurobindo's room. The eight small windows facing the south are those of the Mother's room (12, rue de la Marine, Puducherry, South India)

Main culture of Tamil-Nadu farmers : cashew trees in Bruno Petris's land and garden. BRUNO PETRIS (Varuna) from Italy was a great friend of Igor and a teacher of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram International School ; a very good sanskritist and a poet. Rest in peace, dear Bruno. See you again ....


Country side around Igor's living place in India.

Just behind Marica's grave (igor and Alexandre's mother)

Entrance of Bruno Petris's garden where Marica and Bruno are both buried in the countryside of Puducherry, not far from the shore of the Gulf of Bengal,  South India

Photo (below) : Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra in concert in Paris : morning ragas (Teentaal Recitals & Maestros) Musée du Quai Branly


Photo (below) :  Pandit SHIV KUMAR SHARMA, the legendary indian maestro of the santoor  (Shiv-ji inscription to Igor, with lots of love 8. 8. 08)


Kartik's magic cat (his name is kept secrete)


ק ד ן ש



 Listen to me, my friend, who here is crossing my path :

                       Separate while Unifying  

                       Unify while Separating"   

                THIS IS THE SUPREME SCIENCE     

 I AM  THE 10



10 BUT NOT 9

10 BUT NOT 11  


בעל שם טוב  SYNAGOGUE OF  RABBI YSROEL ben ELIEZER, THE BAAL-SHEM TOV  in MEDZHYBIZH, Ukrain (the  "Besht*  - Beith - Ayin - Shin - Teith )  "the Master of the Good Name" . The Synagogue was destroyed by the nazis.

בעל שם טוב SYNAGOGUE OF RABBI YSROEL ben ELIEZER, THE BAAL-SHEM TOV in MEDZHYBIZH, Ukrain (the "Besht* - Beith - Ayin - Shin - Teith ) "the Master of the Good Name". The Synagogue was destroyed by the nazis.